In the early years, 1921 to 1931, Helen and Dale Kimmel operated a small tailoring and pressing business on State Street in Marion, Ohio. In 1931, they bought Whetstone Dry Cleaning and started Kimmel Cleaners, located on the south side of Upper Sandusky. Its primary business consisted of wholesale dry cleaning, tailoring, and pressing. They also serviced the people of Upper Sandusky with retail dry cleaning. Later Helen and Dale purchased Fink Laundry and added laundry along with their dry cleaning service.
In 1944 they moved the plant to our present location, 225 N. Sandusky Avenue, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. We have expanded several times since and the last expansion was complete in 1988.

During the early years, our primary business volume was retail dry cleaning and family laundry. With the introduction of the man made fiber, wash and wear, and double knits, our business changed, resulting in a substantial loss of our dry cleaning and family laundry knits business. We replaced this with linen supply, institutional laundry, industrial laundry and uniform rental. Our sales efforts since 1970 have been concentrated in this direction. Also at this time due to our change in business services, we changed our business name from Kimmel Cleaners to Kimmel Corporation, although our legal name remains Kimmel Cleaners, Inc.

In 1982 we saw natural fibers come back. Garments of wool, silk, and cotton were again being sold in stores. This resulted in the return of the dry cleaning business. We then purchased Bogner's Dry cleaning and Uniform Rental in Mansfield, Ohio. Also in 1985 we purchased Big M Cleaners with the plants located in Bucyrus, Marion and Mansfield. We now operate one active plant with seven dry stores. Our business and sales office is located on East Finley Street in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

Our physical plants are always changing. Along with our constant retooling, we are striving to make the Kimmel Corporation and its subsidiaries a better place to work.
Core Values and Beliefs
Integrity: Always do the right thing by following the "Golden Rule" of doing onto others as you would have them do onto you.
Customer Satisfaction:  Exceed expectations by respecting our customers by listening to their requests and on time delivery.
Leadership: We take responsibility as a part of the communities we serve by contributions through volunteerism for the betterment of community and by being a force for positive actions.
People: Our success comes from the people we serve and the people we work with.  Success is providing our people with education and fair treatment.
Making our customers a success becomes our team's success one garment at a time.
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